Aug 24, 2013

Google May Move Deeper Into Automotive Sector

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that Google could get into the electric car industry similar to the way it worked cell phones to develop the Android operating system. Google is already working on car connectivity systems and autonomous drivers. Schmidt was even in attendance to Lord Drayson breaking the electric car speed record in Yorkshire, England, last week.
“This is the beginnings of a new industry. History has proven that new technology thrives best in new companies. I figure that in 20 years’ time, electric cars will be in the mainstream.
“The technology itself is simple and the application of it is advancing quickly. Eventually, people will have to look at internal combustion-engined cars and ask why we drive such complex vehicles. Digital cameras have replaced analogue cameras; the same will eventually happen with our cars,” said Schmidt.
Furthering these rumors, Tesla paid off its loan from the US government in June and could now decide to be purchased if it wishes. The first quarter of 2013 was Tesla’s first profitable quarter ever. However, that would still be a few years away according to Elon Musk.
“I’ve said from the very beginning, from the creation of Tesla, that our goal is to create a compelling mass-market car. I would not consider stepping away from Tesla until we’re there. We’re several years away obviously,” said Musk.

Source: Autocar and Bloomberg

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