Aug 8, 2013

Alfa Romeo Planning Transition to Rear-Wheel Drive Cars

Alfa Romeo is planning a major brand shakeup that would have it transition away from front-wheel drive hatchbacks and to more rear-wheel drive sedans. The plan would involve replacing the Giulietta and MiTo in the lineup with small sedans.
The move comes from Fiat wanting to incorporate Alfa Romeo and Maserati more in the future. The first step of this plan has already begun with the 4C being built at the Maserati factory. 
The first of these new cars would be a mid-size sedan in 2015 that could be followed by a larger sedan as soon as a year later. The rear-wheel drive Spider will also come in 2015. At least one crossover is also in the planning stages for Alfa Romeo.
Fiat's plan is to sell Alfa Romeo as a sporty alternative to BMW. Alfa Romeo has been suffering from aging product in recent years, and if there is a time for a radical change, then this is it. 
Alfa and Maserati will work together on chassis development to save on costs. Some parts will also come from Fiat's ownership of Chrysler
Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne believes that the move could triple Alfa Romeo sales to 300,000 units a year, which is also partially thanks in part to the brand expanding to North America.
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