Mar 5, 2013

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari has finally revealed its successor to the Enzo, and it is mighty impressive – except maybe for the name. The new top of the Ferrari range is the LaFerrari, and as awful as that name may be, its specs are much more impressive.  It will be limited to 499 units worldwide. The heart of the LaFerrari is its 6.3-liter V12 and HY-KERS hybrid system with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. As expected, the LaFerrari's V12 comes from the F12berlinetta, but it is even more powerful than we had anticipated with 950hp and more than 664lb-ft (900Nm) of torque.  The V12 with a redline at 9,250rpm contributes 789hp, and the electric motor gives a further 161hp. The electric motor only provides a boost to the engine, and the LaFerrari is not able to drive on pure electric power.  However, Ferrari says that HY-KERS will be able to drive future Ferraris. The batteries are charged under regenerative braking and whenever the engine produces more torque than necessary. According to Ferrari that will be enough to move the LaFerrari to 100km/h in less than three seconds to a top speed of over 350km/h (217.5mph). Ferrari says that the looks of the car is inspired by Ferrari sports racers from the late 60s, but it is not hard to see shades of the 458Ferrari 458 ItaliaItaly, 2009 > present676 photos1 video and Enzo in the LaFerrari as well. “We chose to call this model LaFerrari because it is the maximum expression of what defines our company – excellence. Excellence in terms of technological innovation, performance, visionary styling and the sheer thrill of driving,” said Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo. The chassis for the LaFerrari is nearly as special as the powertrain. Ferrari achieves a 41:59 weight distribution, which it says is ideal, by placing nearly all of the car’s mass between the axles. To do this Ferrari went to extremes. The chassis is made from four types of carbon fiber. The seats are fixed in place, but the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable. As with most modern supercars, the LaFerrari uses active aerodynamics to improve handling, but they are less obvious than its contemporaries. The LaFerrari has active diffusers and guide vanes in the front and an active diffuser and spoiler in the rear.  They deploy automatically when the system deems it necessary. The LaFerrari will be on sale later this year, but Ferrari has not revealed a price yet. It has been showing the car to VIPs around the world for preorders, and previous reports indicated that all 499 cars had already been sold.  via

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