Feb 4, 2013

Fiat Will Build Maserati and Alfa Romeo SUVs at Mirafiori

Fiat says that it will build Maserati's new SUVs at its Mirafiori factory near Turin. The Maserati SUV, which had previously been called the Kubang is known as the Levante and is slated to debut in 2014. It will share a platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Alfa Romeo will follow suit in 2015 with a Jeep-based SUV. The Mirafiori factory will also build Jeep SUVs. The reason for building all of these trucks in Italy is to keep the factory running at capacity. It is currently running just a few days a week. Jeep is rapidly becoming one of the most profitable brands in Fiat's portfolio, and it plans to take advantage of the platforms from the brand. "I've made a commitment. We are not closing Mirafiori. We will make luxury cars for both Maserati and for Alfa Romeo," said Marchionne. The luxury SUVs will be exported to North America, Russia and Asia to feed the areas with the highest demand. Marchionne wants to use US Chrysler dealers to sell the cars. Source: Automotive News Europe via autoviva.com

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